Is Your Social Media Making a Great First Impression?


So how long does it take to make a first impression online?  7 seconds? 2 seconds? 1/10 of a second?  Research supports all three as possible answers.  In reality does the actual time really matter?

A few considerations for your Social Media presence:

  • Eye tracking research* proofs out the most attention when landing on a website is given to:

    • Logos:  6.48 seconds

    • Navigation menus:  6.44 seconds

    • Search box:  6 seconds

    • Links to social utilities:  5.95 seconds

    • Primary image: Main photo or graphic 5.94 seconds

    • Written content: 5.59 seconds

    • Bottom of the page: And at the end 5.25 seconds

This indicates how important it is to have your social media buttons integrated into your website.

A few points to keep in mind when setting up your Social Media profiles:

  • Clear- Is the reader able to easily understand what you do?  A confused mind clicks away.

  • Catchy- A goldfish has a 9 second attention span; humans have a 7 second attention span. Make it quick or it will be lost.

  • Consistent- Your look, logo, colors, voice and brand should match your online and offline marketing.

  • Clever- Creating a memorable impression and content to help you stand out & get noticed.

Use the above guidelines to look at your website and social media profiles with “new” eyes.


* Based on research from Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of Business and Information Technology at Missouri S&T.  Click here for more details.

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