Picking the Right Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Traveling the country training business professionals on Social Media allowed me to see Social Media Marketing from the other side of the coin.  Day after day I would meet business owners that realized how important Social Media has become to reach the organization’s goals and objectives.  And they were struggling, frustrated and overwhelmed.  Some people would be stumped by the technology.  Others did not realize the social media activity is designed to strategically support sales, marketing and branding objectives.  A few individuals were afraid of what would be said about their business, services or products.  A handful understood the technology and marketing principles and were agonizing over a lack of engagement and stunted growth.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you are in the right place.  Let’s go over your first three steps to get on track!

Step 1:  Pull out your business and marketing plans.  Ut oh, are you one of the many small businesses I meet without these tools?  If so, don’t stress out.  You will need to determine a few key business objectives to direct your social media and marketing efforts.

  • Write out three results you want your Social Media presence to create

Step 2:  Determine your target market.  Those versed in Marketing realize when you speak to everyone, no one hears you.  Sharing vague or general information will get lost-your message will not be heard.

  • Create a client profile

Detail as much as you can about your client’s demographics, interests, income, preferences, hobbies and lifestyle.  Picture this person as you create and curate content.  Create as many client profiles as you need to- you want to tailor your marketing message to a narrow niche.  Find your people by sharing relevant, engaging, timely content and information.

Step 3:  Create your 12 month Social Media Strategy.

This should include items such as:

  • Client profile(s)
  • Content Calendar
  • Platform Participation Plan
  • Time Management Document (what will be done when)
  • Resources to stay current on Social Media trends
  • Resources to source your content
  • Social Media tools to streamline your Social Media execution

When I create my client’s Social Media Strategy I use mind mapping to brainstorm and organize objectives, goals, content and themes.  If this seems complicated, it is!  I generally spend eight to ten hours on the process when working with clients.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to be your Social Media Marketing solution provider.  Your next step, click here.




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