Is Your Social Media Missing the Mark?

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Is your social media marketing creating the sales and brand awareness you wanted? If not, there are some common mistakes many make with their social media marketing. Here are the most common social media mistakes I see and a few hints to get on the right track.


The Top Reasons Social Media Fails:

  1. No overall strategy
  2. Too promotional
  3. Lacks a clear call to action
  4. Doesn’t factor in the conversion
  5. Target market not clearly defined


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No Overall Strategy

Some businesses seeking to handle their own social media do not have an overall strategy for social media in place. Setting up a Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform and sharing content does not necessarily lead to sales.  When working with clients I have a 60 to 90 minute strategy session to determine overall business objectives, sales goals, marketing initiatives and offline campaigns to custom craft a social media strategy.

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Too Promotional 

In my line of work I am often asked to review or analyze the organizations current social media. I let my clients know it is easy to be the Monday morning quarterback and I am sure the current efforts were performed in good faith- sometimes the work was from an outside vendor, a well meaning employee or family member or even the business owner themselves. One common mistake is the content is too promotional- Buy My Stuff! The content mix lacks useful information, complementary content or is not customer focused. A good rule of thumb is 8 to 1.  Out of every 9 pieces of content shared (Tweet, Facebook post, etc.) one is promotional and the other 8 are useful, informational or entertaining.

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Lacks a Clear Call to Action

An old marketing adage is a confused mind does nothing- and it is true! The social media strategy should include campaigns with clear calls to action. People need to be told exactly what to do next: Sign-up for our newsletter, Redeem this code for 10% off now, Register to save $500 in closing costs, etc.

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Does Not Factor in the Conversion

The conversion is your desired action: make a sale, schedule an appointment, obtain a donation, enter your contest- whatever it is your business or organization is up to. At some point the item needs to be purchased, an appointment set, a viewing scheduled and so forth.  Your social media marketing needs to lead your prospects to that action.  Think of your social media marketing as placing breadcrumbs throughout the internet leading people back to you.

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Target Market Not Clearly Defined

This is one area my clients and I really dig into during their strategy session. Many businesses and organizations suffer from the delusion Everyone is their prospect.  NOT TRUE! For over four years I traveled the US and abroad conducting seminars on Social Media Marketing and in one of those seminars I almost ended up on a fight with an attendee on this point. I was in Troy, MI and the gentleman worked for a thrift store that benefited a charity.  He argued everyone in Detroit was his potential customer.  “Not true.” I stated. He countered back that yes they were. My question to him was “Do you think someone would travel 45 minutes through traffic to get to your store when they have no certainty that the item they want will even be available?” Hmm, probably not.  That thrift store, just like your business, has a specific target market. You need to know as much as you can about their demographics, interests, buying behaviors and much more to create compelling content that leads to successful social media marketing.


These are just a few of the common mistakes being made in today’s social media marketing. Having an overall plan that ties to your business goals and objectives is just the beginning. As you can see many other marketing principles are at work to create the Social Media Marketing magic you want!


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